Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sleep Well to Stay Healthy

Healthy sleeping habits are important for a refreshing life. Your body needs rest after full day activities. Proper rest avoids tissue damage and prepares for new day. You get energized by taking healthy sleep.

What happens while sleeping?

When you sleep, broken cells in the body are changed with new ones. Wastes are excreted. Even plants too need sleep. You may have observed that sunflower opens its sepal at noon and closes it at evening.

Sleeping schedule:

There is no strict routine for sleeping. Various factors determine its constancy. These are age, temperament of your body, daily activities and job. Babies need more sleep than adults. On an average basis, 8 hours of sleep every day is sufficient for elders.

Environment of the room:

Your room must be comfortable and cool. Keep distractions such as TV, computer, audio player and other noisy gadgets out of your bed room or sleeping area. Choose a mattress that is smooth and soft to make you comfortable. Hard surface can cause muscular pain and discomfort.


Complete your work at least two hours before going to bed. It is better not to take caffeine or tea when you are going to bed at night. Also avoid drinking liquids such as water or juice at night. Taking heavy meals just before sleeping is also a poor practice. It affects gastric system and also causes disruption.

Avoid pills:

Sleeping pills are too harmful. Such medications affect brain functioning and keep you lethargic all day. Instead of getting energy you tend to be lazy and dull. Therefore, it’s better to use natural ways to improve your sleeping pattern.

How to avoid sleeplessness?

Remove those causes which lead to sleeplessness and other associated problems. Avoid drugs, alcohol, pills, caffeine and spicy foods that can cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Morning or evening exercise can help avoid this problem. Read a book and do heavy physical activities to take restful sleep. Listening to a soothing sound or a soft tune can also help. Take shower with moderately hot water. Massage oil in your head and feet. Tired feet can also cause insomnia. Using rosemary oil or peppermint oil in feet can soothe you.

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