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Natural Skin Whitening Tips of Full Body Home Remedies

A beautiful skin always has attraction and in this beauty whitening skin always important. Here you can find natural skin whitening tips of full body home remedies in Urdu and English that are easier to understand. Home remedies are includes in these tips that has minimum side effects, Here it’s also important to mention that one apply these remedies on entire body.
With this whole body is equally whiten that looks more beater then a white face or arm. A whiten face with dark feet or neck look odd that also put worst effect of your personality on other. So get a charming skin it’s important to go with natural skin tone or follow tips through which one able to whiten entire body.
 Home Remedies

Method 1:
Take a tea spoon of
  • Milk Powder
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
Then mix them with half tea spoon of Almond oil. This makes a paste, initially apply this paste on face and neck. Check its result; hopefully one must satisfy from its result.
Take a tea spoon of
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Jaiton Oil
  • Eapsum Salt
  • Sweet Almond
  • Juu ka Atta
  • One Chutki of Eaten Soda
  • 1/4 spoon paper mint oil
Mix these all things with milk according to requirement and scrub of any company.
Mixing all of these things form a scrub, initially apply this scrub on face and feet, with apply couple of time thus must gives a result.
Method 3:
  • Take 2 Spoon of Besan
  • 1/2 Spoon of Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 Spoon of Cream
  • 1 Chitki Haldi
Mixing all of these things form a paste, Apply this paste on your face until it dry, after drying take it off with smooth rubbing and then wash mouth with clean water. This paste must give result after applying couple of time, firstly try it on face then later on if you satisfy from the result then you can try it at entire body. These all are best natural skin whitening tips of full body Home Remedies English while in Urdu works had start soon these tips are updated.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin in Summer

In the summer season almost all the women are in the search for the best Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin in summer in Urdu as well in English. Skin plays the important part when it comes to adding the personality with the freshness and healthy appearances. There are many major and minor things that have to be kept in mind at the time of giving the skin with the protection and care in the summer heat. Important and Main Skin Care Tips for Summer

 Skin Care Tips

  1. At the first of the skin care tips for summer for Oily Skin we will be talking about the sun protection! If you want to keep the skin all away from the sun rays then you should make the use of sunscreen lotion with its Sun Protection Formula (SPF) 15 or more than that. It will be helpful at the times as it will be preventing the skin to be all away from the melanoma that is a form of skin cancer. You can even think about finding with the SPF 15+ lotion on face and hands. Plus you should apply a SPF 15 + lip balm.
  2. It is to be stated that at the times when you are at the beach in the summer then at that time your skin is maximum prone to the damage and tanning. You can best give the skin with protection all from water-resistance sunscreen and reapply the lotion in each two hours.
  3. In addition you should be protecting the hair from warm weather, humidity and surplus sun exposure to keep away from unhealthy hair and split ends. You can use SPF treatment in support of your hair to look after it from sun. Plus you can even apply a smoothing live-on serum.
  4. In terms of makeup sections just try to avoid making the usage of oil-based products. This is because they can result in a greasy make-up, soiled eyeliner or blur lipstick.
  5. Last but not the least try to take maximum fresh fruits and vegetables and try to take maximum hours of sleep so that at the end of the day it can give the skin with excellent freshness and healthy touch.
So these skin care tips for oily skin in summer in Urdu are best enough that will be helping out the women at the best to keep skin fresh even in scorching summer heat. Follow the tips carefully and grab up the amazing outcomes in just one week!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sleep Well to Stay Healthy

Healthy sleeping habits are important for a refreshing life. Your body needs rest after full day activities. Proper rest avoids tissue damage and prepares for new day. You get energized by taking healthy sleep.

What happens while sleeping?

When you sleep, broken cells in the body are changed with new ones. Wastes are excreted. Even plants too need sleep. You may have observed that sunflower opens its sepal at noon and closes it at evening.

Sleeping schedule:

There is no strict routine for sleeping. Various factors determine its constancy. These are age, temperament of your body, daily activities and job. Babies need more sleep than adults. On an average basis, 8 hours of sleep every day is sufficient for elders.

Environment of the room:

Your room must be comfortable and cool. Keep distractions such as TV, computer, audio player and other noisy gadgets out of your bed room or sleeping area. Choose a mattress that is smooth and soft to make you comfortable. Hard surface can cause muscular pain and discomfort.


Complete your work at least two hours before going to bed. It is better not to take caffeine or tea when you are going to bed at night. Also avoid drinking liquids such as water or juice at night. Taking heavy meals just before sleeping is also a poor practice. It affects gastric system and also causes disruption.

Avoid pills:

Sleeping pills are too harmful. Such medications affect brain functioning and keep you lethargic all day. Instead of getting energy you tend to be lazy and dull. Therefore, it’s better to use natural ways to improve your sleeping pattern.

How to avoid sleeplessness?

Remove those causes which lead to sleeplessness and other associated problems. Avoid drugs, alcohol, pills, caffeine and spicy foods that can cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Morning or evening exercise can help avoid this problem. Read a book and do heavy physical activities to take restful sleep. Listening to a soothing sound or a soft tune can also help. Take shower with moderately hot water. Massage oil in your head and feet. Tired feet can also cause insomnia. Using rosemary oil or peppermint oil in feet can soothe you.

Three Health Benefits of Olive oil

You've probably heard about the health benefits of olive oil and wondered what the big deal is all about. Olive oil is good for the body in many ways.

Benefits Of Olive Oil 

  • For the patients of Diabetics the use of Olive Oil can come across as extra useful because it helps a lot in reducing  the level of cholesterol and even make the muscles and body cells much stronger and allow them to function properly.

  • In many sunscreens and lotions for skin we would have noticed that there is small percentage presence of Olive Oil that makes the skin glowing and fresh looking. Hence, the Olive Oil appears as the moisturizer for the skin and makes them much glowing and even frees it from the pimples and spots as well.

  • According to the survey it has been figured out that almost 50% of the patients have gained recovery from blood pressure through the use of Olive Oil. If the person takes just 4 table spoons of Olive Oil everyday then it can benefit them a lot.

Use Aloe Vera to Treat Acne

Acne is the common skin problem among teenage girls. Almost every teenage girl faces the problem of acne. According to research that aloe vera is very useful for reducing acne and skin care. Aloe Vera is considered to be the oldest and safest home remedy for acne.

How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Acne

Almost every person wants to know that how to use aloe vera for the treatment of acne? There are many ways of using aloe vera for acne.

  • The best way to use aloe vera is that you should buy the aloe vera gel. For using this aloe vera gel, you should scoop out the gel and put it on the pimples and acne areas. You can easily buy the aloe vera gel at reputable health store or pharmacy. In order to use aloe vera gel, you should make sure that you should wash your face before applying the aloe vera gel. You should use your fingertips in order to rub the aloe vera gel into the skin.

  • Some girls prefer to use aloe vera in the form of aloe juice. Girls should take at least one teaspoon of aloe vera juice for the treatment of acne.
So these are considered to be main and easy ways for using the aloe vera for the treatment of acne. After using aloe vera, you will surely get rid from the problem of acne. If you still not believe then you should try aloe vera at least once.

Tips for Removing Pimples

Well there is no doubt about it that pimples have always been remained as one of the biggest trouble for many people and hence they are all the time searching for such techniques that would help them in killing this horrible monster. Well there are many reasons that give rise to the pimples adding with the sensitive and oily skin or most importantly all such skin tones that are not cleaned properly and maintained in better manner. In this post we will be mentioning some of the main guidelines or beauty tips for all such women who are keen conscious for removing their pimples at any cost.

How to Remove Pimples?

  • Starting with the women and girls can even make the use of anti-pimple creams for their skin and faces. Just apply it over the pimples and in just one week you will definitely find a new difference in yourself for sure.

  • Furthermore, sometimes the pillow and bed cover materials also become one of the main causes for giving arrival to the pimples. If your skin has been offered with the sensitive texture then always make the use of linen or stain clothing bed covers and make sure that they are cleaned enough from the germs and bacteria as well.

  • If you feel that the pimples have not been slowing down after so many efforts then you should indulge yourself in drinking maximum number of glasses of water. This will help in cleaning the skin cells and give away fresh looking skin appearances.

  • Moreover at the last we would say that many women even have the troublesome of facing the redness in pimples as well. In such situations the women should take ice cubes and apply it over the pimples. This will help a lot in reducing the redness to certain extent height.

10 Quick Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Here are some easy tips for overweight teens that will help you achieve weight loss. These tips will also help you lose weight naturally:
  1. Brush your teeth after eating. According to the experts, this trick is powerful to help you stop craving more foods. If you brush your teeth after eating, you don’t need to take mint candies to make your breath fresh. Mint candies contain sugar and it is not good for your weight loss project.
  2. During your diet don’t cut out desserts as your body still needs some types of fat. To stay healthy you have to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs, so you can eat dessert, but be sensible about it.
  3. Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and this is even more important for teenagers that need the nutrients and minerals in order to supplement their growing bodies. Eating healthy in the morning will give you more energy to cope with your lessons and activities and will keep your stomach full until launch time. If you think about it, all it takes to eat breakfast in the morning is to wake up 10 minutes earlier. Once you make it a habit everything else will be easier and you will feel better and healthier.
  4. Stop drinking soda and sugary drinks. This is possibly the single most effective of the weight loss tips for teenagers. Stop drinking soda and start drinking water. The average teenager consumes at least 3-4 glasses of soda daily. This is about 400-500 calories a day, not to mention the amount of sugar that you put into your system.
  5. Drinking water to lose weight is a staple for any weight loss or weight management program. And just think of what missing those 400-500 calories will do over the course of a week, or a month.
  6. Take a cup of coffee before doing your activities can help you burn more calories. However, it would be better if you don’t put sugar on your coffee.
  7. Reduce your sugar intake. It is recommended that you eat food that offers less than 5 milligrams of sugar per serving. Eating much sugar is not good since you will only want more.
  8. White bread has been shown to cause stomach distension. Try whole grain instead. It’s high in healthy fibres too.
  9. Large quantities of pasta will see you pile on the pounds. Try to keep any portions small.
  10. Believe yourself that you can change. This feeling gives you positive energy when you are trying to lose weight. Thus, you will be more enthusiastic during your effort in losing weight.
These are all great tips for you to achieve your weight loss goals. You need to be careful when trying to lose weight. Too much weight loss too soon can lead to serious health problems.

How to Prevent Back Pain ?

Learn how to avoid back pain 

Losing Weight:

Losing weight will help to relieve the pressure on your spine in a great way. If you have a large abdomen the weight will pull your lumbar spine forward and put extra pressure on the vertebrae and ligaments leaving them more prone to injury.

Sleep Well:

There is no doubt that investing in a good mattress will help to avoid back pain. Make sure the type of mattress is comfortable and that the height of the bed isn’t too low making it difficult to get in and out of.
The mattress should support your natural shape so a mattress that is too soft or too hard may work against you. The top of the spine also has a slight curve even on the side-wards aspect so a good pillow will help too keep the spine in alignment. Having no pillow or too many pillows can be damaging.


By participating in gently exercise and stretching techniques when pregnant, your body will be able to cope better with your changing shape and weight. During pregnancy the ligaments and tendons soften and are a lot looser than normal leaving them more prone to injury. Taking part in exercise will also help to achieve a smoother labour as your body will be in better shape, your lungs will function better and your oxygen levels will be higher.
Remember to always inform any fitness instructor or gym that you are pregnant as they will be able to advise you which activities are the safest and which will be the most beneficial.

Protecting Posture:

Being aware of your posture can help prevent muscular disorder and rounded shoulders. Sitting straight, keeping the shoulders back and the chin up are important when looking after your back.
If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, make sure your chair is at the right height, the computer is at eye level and that you have a chair appropriate for your needs and frame. Your employer is obliged to provide any equipment that may help avoid injury. If you spend a long time wearing high heels make sure you remove the shoes often to relieve the pressure on your feet and to allow the spine to return to its natural alignment.


This is possibly the greatest area that can help prevent a back problem from occurring. Taking part in the right types of exercises will help to strengthen the muscles an ligaments of not only the spine but of the shoulders, legs and abdomen too allowing these areas too help carry weight and take the majority of the load when lifting.

Always remember to warm up properly before and after exercising, to go at your own pace, to enjoy the activity you are participating in and to drink plenty of water. Avoid twisting movements or sudden jerky movements if you already have an existing back condition. Always make sure you have been shown the correct technique when trying new sports such as weight lifting, golf or horse riding as these activities can cause injury if not performed properly.

Your back is a delicate part of the body and should be protected against injury as much as possible. Once your back has been injured once it may be prone to further problems later in life or have a general weakness. It is important to consider all your actions that are carried out every day and see if there are adjustments that can be made that might help reduce the chances of injury.

How to Lose Weight

These days almost everyone wants to lose weight overnight, without keeping in mind that is completely impossible. For losing weight you need to pay concentration with your time. It’s a process which can only be done in at least six months, and you will end up with healthy weight loss. Off course no one wants to go beyond the healthiness.

Start Walk:

For losing weight you need to make a whole new set up of your life. Usually we do not wakeup early in morning, but now make changes in your bad habits and wakeup early. This not only gives you more time but also you will have a healthy body, just because of waking up early. Also you can go for walk instead of roaming in home. Walk is just another alternate for your gym and heavy workouts.
It would be good for you, if you walk in any park nearby your home. Start walk for about 15 minutes and then increase the time, make it at least for an hour. You will see remarkable changes in your weight.

Cycling is good:

Cycling is another alternate for your heavy workouts. Just go for cycling daily at any time which suits you. But make sure you must enjoy what you are doing in. and if you don’t want to go out for cycling you can easily buy one. A mini cycle can easily be adjust in you home and you can enjoy your favorite TV show while doing exercise. Cycling is a perfect exercise for your legs as well as whole body.

Eat Healthy:

If you want to keep yourself healthy and active then never starve yourself by using strict diet. It is good to eat healthy but not to starve. You need to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain, fish and whatever healthy you can get. But quitting meals is certainly not a good idea.

5 Nutritional Benefits Of Honey

We all know that honey is a sweet ingredient but we never both to think about the main benefits of honey at any stage of time. Honey consists of glucose, water and oil that can come across as much vital for the skin problems and even for the sunburn removal as well. Although, the honey has numerous countless benefits but at this point we will just mention about its nutritional advantages for the skin areas.

Nutritional Benefits Of Honey

  • Honey is captured with great amount of quantity in creams and lotions because it make the skin glowing and even increase the water level in skin cells that makes the skin fresh looking.
  • Honey also shows its extreme benefits for hairs as well. Just mix one small spoon of honey and add it in the water. If you will rinse it in the hairs for half in hour you will find the hairs much thicker and soft looking.
  • If you want to make your skin clean and fresh looking then you can make the paste of one small spoon of honey and milk and apply it over the skin just like the face mask.
  • For those people who have sore throat problems in winters they can even cure this ailment quickly through the honey. Just heat one small spoon of honey and eat it as this will help the throat to get cleared immediately.
  • Lastly, honey is also a good cursing tip for the acne problems as well. In many acne lotions and creams we will find the presence of honey. The honey allows the acne to slow down their pressure of appearance and make them settled on the surface.
On the whole these were some of the main honey benefits on the basis of nutrition. We hope that now you will never forget to make the use of honey in your everyday life.

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Every one has a desire to look smart and fit without any excessive weight on their bodies. There are many ways to achieve the desired weight you want to keep. Some are short and quick to get to the results and others take a bit more time than wanted. But when there are quicker ways to reduce your weight and keep it in the desired limits than why should one go for a longer run?

There are some of the essential tips one must follow if one wants to lose weight quickly. These tips are simple and easy to apply with no hard work at all. It just needs strong commitment to it. This includes something that everyone does, but not in the right proportion so one does not get to the wanted end.

Drinking of water on a daily basis is a human necessity, but for someone looking to lose weight in a hurry, it becomes more necessary to at least drink eight to ten glasses of water each day instead of some other drinks that put on weight even a little. This does not let your energy down too and helps in avoiding the urge for other unnecessary drinks. So avoid other extra drinks, and keep track of your water drinking routine.

Another very effective method of reducing weight quickly is through avoiding big meals three to four times a day and instead taking small quantities of food four to five times a day. This will not let your energy down and will let you control your weight very easily. Don’t take your meals quickly, but slowly and drink a glass of water at least once before you start eating. Timing of the dinner is also necessary, that it should be no later than seven in the evening. And eating less salt also helps to keep the weight in place.

Walking is a good exercise in general even when you are not looking to lose weight because it keeps your muscles functioning well. But it is important that you walk at least thirty minutes a day regularly if you want to keep check on your weight loss. These are simple and easy to apply tips for weight loss.

Acne Home Treatment - Acne Tips

Acne is an extremely distressing disease to deal with. The person who is going through with this problem always finds lack in confidence and self esteem, as it really looks weird. Usually it happens in the teenagers and this is the time when everyone wants to look good. But, this acne give a real bad look.

For all those people who are suffering from this health disease this post is perfect for you. As it consists of home and herbal treatment for you to treat and cure from acne. First of all you need to take deep look on your lifestyle. Many times nothing will cause acne but your own lifestyle.

Make your routine and eat healthy:

In order to stay healthy with acne free and healthy skin, you need to make you routine. It is very important; at times the only cause of our acne is sleeping disorder. Many people sleep late at night and then wake up and rush towards the office or college, without eating breakfast. This is the worst thing you could do to your health. Proper and healthy meal is very important for you to stay healthy.

Drink Water:

Just like meals, people either forget to drink water or they drink juices and fizzy drinks. They both are very harmful and cause acne, especially juices which you bought. Yes if you take out fresh juice from any of the fruit or vegetable then it’s definitely good. Avoid drugs and alcoholic drinks as they also increase stress which causes acne.

Use Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera plant is perfect herbal treatment for many diseases. It really helps you to cure acne, just you need to apply its gel on your acne affected skin and leave it for about 30 minutes. Then wash your face with chilled water, do apply this aloe Vera gel daily for about 3 months your acne will wipe out and you will see amazing shining skin.

These are the home treatments which anyone can do at home straight away, without wasting money on dermatologists. So do apply all these tips in order to get rid of acne.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

It is not surprising if somebody loses his confidence because of hair loss. It is seen to be a painful part of ones life. Knowing that it is a genetic problem running in your family is something to feel really bad. Daily one with losing hair starts the day feeling less confident about him. But, it would be better not to think much about this problem it creates more depression which results in more hair loss. Go through the useful tips and follow them to prevent this from happening to you.

Useful Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss

Take a Healthy Diet:

One of the reasons of hair loss is treating hair with the wrong approach.  As a healthy body needs healthy diet, a fresh skin needs proper care, similarly our hair needs healthy diet and proper care. People do not often care about healthy diet for their hair. Consequently they suffer with bad hair or hair loss. Proper proteins, minerals and vitamins and complex carbohydrates are the needs of hair to stay healthy. It is because in our body, hair is one of the fastest growing tissues, therefore requires regular and healthy feed. In order to treat with the dandruff and rough hair a proper amount of “good fat” also needed. Proteins contain amino acids that helps build the cells; therefore it is essential in all means. All the dairy products, along with meat, eggs, seeds, whole grains and nuts are rich in proteins. Carbohydrates help in building the tissues including hair, so it is necessary in your diet.

Drink More Water:

In order to avoid dryness in hair make your habit to have 12 to 14 glass water per day. Take care about your body and make it properly hydrated. Taking lot of water usually helps in flushing out unsafe toxins and waste from the body. If you are in habit of taking tea or coffee all the day long, you must have to restrict this habit for once a day.  Healthy fruit juices could be a good replacement.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening and Dental Care

Dental bleaching is done by a number of people across all the over the world. However there are a lot of food items that can be utilized for the same purpose. All these food items are helpful and perfect in eliminating the yellowish shade on your teeth extremely simply when the stains have just started to emerge on your teeth.

For caring teethes all such food items include, strawberries, sodium bicarbonate,and lemon juice. Almost every house contains all these items, because they are very commonly used items. So just you need is a little bit time and efforts and you will see amazing and sparkling teeth of yours. Not only these items will help you to have white teethes but these will also help you to fight against any germs and bacteria.

How To Use:

Rub Strawberry:

Rubbing is always perfect for teethes. Whether you are using lemon scalp or strawberry, it is good to rub these food items on your teeth. Rubbing will wipe out all the stains and give you white teethes. For strawberry it is advisable to rub just after brushing teethes.

Lemon juice of lemon skin:

Lemon juice can be used to create perfect white teeth. As lemon has the ability to deal with bacterial agents and clean all the germs and pale. However, be very careful while using lemon juice or the lemon skin, because it can be harmful for the enamel. So use lemon juice in a very little quantity or just few drops and then rub these drops on teethes.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is one of the mainly useful bleaching agents you can find at home. Even though, you can find this mediator in tooth pastes however this can also be used by mixing the unrefined type of it in water. It will not only help you to get rid of the stains but will also make your teeth gleaming.

Nutrition For Better Health

If we talk about fat loss food with people, we came across with many different theories of different people. The most common theory among the beginners is they think that the fat loss food is basically designed for body builders or sportsmen. For getting good nutritious or the fat loss food does not always implies that you are going to take part in any sort of sports. But the reason of taking fat loss food is to get better and healthy with better diet.

Having fat loss food do not always means to weight loss plans and looking slim and smart. That’s certainly true that you can also be able to lose weight during the intake of fat loss food. By the inclusion of more nutrition, it will ultimately effect on your health. And it will be better off by the changing in your diet plan.

Struggle is important aspect
The basic requirement for anyone to eat fat loss food is just the willingness of getting nutritious diet. If you are really keen to lose weight then you must encourage yourself for getting better end results. Those who really pay attention towards their fitness plan, such as fat loss food and workouts will get much better results. For getting such results you really need to struggle a lot. Struggling for achieving something will definitely be supportive.

Human Body and Fat loss food
Every human body reacts diversely with different types of food items. Not all nutrition plans are same for everyone. As the diversity is always there, you really need to try some patience. Specially, in start of taking fat loss food, you have to give some time to your metabolism.

Carbohydrates – Simple and Complex
When we talk about carbohydrates, it is in the shape of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. By simple carbohydrates we mean simple sugar which dissolves in our body immediately after eating.  Diabetes caused by the usage of simple carbohydrates. This will also give you the boost up in the energy level. However just after some time you will feel drowsy and tiredness. By taking such carbohydrates you cannot carry on with the fat loss food.

The Difference Between Weight Loss Diet and Healthy Diet

In order to lose weight and live healthy life many people get confused. These both terms are somewhat similar but there are many differences between them. It is compulsory with a healthy diet plan that you will lose weight, but it is not compulsory with weight loss diet that you live healthily. Do you know what the difference in both the situation is? You might be thinking that these both terms mean the same. But actually your thinking is not true.

Here we do not want to confuse or anxious you as it might have a confusing thing for beginners in diet world. Obviously we all eat and drink since we exist in this world. But now when we start thinking on what are we eating and how we should eat is the most important questions.

For a healthy life you need to be concentrate on what you are eating. Such as, look at your breakfast, are you just having a glass of tined packed juice and a piece of refined bread. The first thing for your healthy life is cook and prepares your meal by yourself. No one else can take care of your health as you can do it for yourself. So do not avoid looking after you, first step is whether it’s a juice or anything else just makes it by your own. This will not only give you a healthier meal to eat but also you will feel good after doing your tasks by your own.

An authentic healthy diet plan is one that tolerates anything you want to eat and eat well however devoid of overfilling you on food that is simply empty for your body. Meals such as desserts specially candy; doughnuts, fuzzy drinks should be set aside. Because, all such food items increase your fats excessively and you look fatty, so do avoid these items.  Teas and coffees are also not good for your health but these both are not as bad as the fizzy drinks. So use tea and coffee in moderation and do not add sugar in it. Instead of all such drinks if you drink green tea then you will see remarkable change in your whole body health, because green tea not only reduces the extra fats, but also it helps to have a healthy body.